Political Stance

Although it is our elected officials’ responsibility to represent the will of the people more than their own, you might still be interested in my own stance on many issues.

I’m running as a Democrat, and I also hold some Libertarian views.  The most important function of the government is to protect our rights and freedoms.  Eisenhower summarized it pretty well, saying America’s “basic purposes” were “to keep the peace; to foster progress in human achievement, and to enhance liberty, dignity, and integrity among people and among nations.”

I believe strongly in education and making our children a priority.  I think more support for our education system is just common sense.  Our education system helps a huge population of state workers right now, plus countless working families that rely on the school system as a nourishment and child-care supplement.  And a better educated youth will continue to lead us to prosperity in the future.

I also believe in small businesses, and think they are critically important to the economy.  Wealth inequality is also a huge problem in our country, and small businesses are part of the answer.  I think small businesses treat their employees extremely well, offer more flexibility, consume and provide within the local economy, and provide a realistic path for a better economic future for both employees and proprietors.  I guess you might call my views on that topic populist.

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  • Aaron LaFave
    published this page 2020-05-08 01:18:28 -0500