Part 4: Teamwork

It’s LaFave Family legend that Aaron could skate before he could walk. From toddlerhood to adulthood, you could more often find him on the ice, than not. After spending countless hours shooting pucks in the driveway and traveling to play in tournaments almost every weekend, Aaron went to high school in Minnesota to play for the Shattuck-St. Mary’s Sabres and then became a NCAA D-III hockey player at Lawrence University. He didn’t stop there though. Since college he has coached high school and youth hockey teams, has served as director-of-coaching on a youth hockey association executive committee, and has most recently played with the amateur adult league’s Mosinee Papermakers. He thrives in a team environment where he is building and working towards a unified vision with other talented individuals. And he’ll relentlessly pursue achieving success for his teammates, or achieving change for his constituents. Aaron has always possessed a unique skill set to help his community achieve incredible things, and he’ll continue to do the same for District 85.

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