Part 3: Leadership

Aaron, the oldest of three children, is a natural-born leader. Whether it’s as a captain or coach in the ice rink (spoiler alert for tomorrow!), or managing his family-owned business, he’s always been a calm and constant force of confidence and openness. He began working summers at his father’s company 15 years ago, where he evolved from selling used equipment online, to being a co-owner of the software & technology firm. He is incredibly proud to be an entrepreneur and to be an instrumental part of leading his and his father’s business into its third decade of operations. He has managed through unprecedented times, strategically planned for the future, and set clear and concise goals. Aaron also believes that leadership means getting everyone involved, listening more than you talk, and encouraging ideas and contributions from bottom-to-top. Aaron has a track record of success by “leading from the trenches” and will do the same for District 85.

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