I am a small business owner, and an entrepreneur.  At my day job I co-manage a small family business founded by my father in 1998.  We develop software and technology for the transportation industry, are about 15 team-members strong, and I’m very proud of what we do.  In my extra time I also operate a small company managing residential real estate.  I am a former NCAA D-III hockey player, and I love a team environment.  I have coached high-school and youth hockey teams, and I have served as director-of-coaching on a youth hockey association executive committee.

My wife Laura and I, our two young children, and our two old dogs, live on the east side of Wausau.  If you see us out walking the dogs and children be sure to say hi.  Laura loves to jog and has run several marathons – plus a 50k on the beach!  Occasionally she nudges me to join her for a run.  We also like to cycle, and really appreciate the local bike paths.  Our children are both under two years old, so they keep us very busy now and we’re loving every minute of it.

Laura is a counselor in the Wausau School District, and prior to that she was teaching middle-school math.  We both believe strongly in education, and I see and hear daily the important work our educators are doing. I also hear about the struggles that they continually face.  We need to continue to prioritize education and it is one of my top priorities.

I grew up in Ohio, before going to high school in Minnesota, and then attended Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.  I majored in both economics and philosophy, and shortly after graduation I went back to night-classes for accounting.

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