LaFave for State Assembly

I entered this campaign with three goals:

  1. Engage more people in politics.

  2. Reduce the partisan divide.

  3. Restore balance to the state legislature.

In our era of exploding connectivity and communication, it seems like politics hasn’t embraced the ability to communicate, educate, and include the constituency.  As a result, most of our information comes from heavily biased news channels.  And as for feedback going in the other direction, when is the last time your elected officials asked for your input before a vote?

And that’s not specific to any party - I want to see every viewpoint heard and discussed.  I want to get to work finding solutions we can all live with.  I’m running as a Democrat because I do agree with many of the party views, but certainly not all of them.  Every politician should be considering the input from their constituency, and evaluating proposals independent of the party view.  You can expect me to support any idea that makes sense, and reject any that don’t.

And finally, it’s time to restore some balance to Wisconsin politics.  We are widely considered one of the most gerrymandered states, with districts drawn that heavily favor Republicans.  The result is that many people’s voices are ignored - because they live in a district that was drawn in a way to make their vote irrelevant.  I find that both embarrassing and unjust.  With the 2020 census we have a huge opportunity to right that wrong.  I would strongly support blindly drawn districts that follow common sense lines (such as county lines, or city boundaries).  We deserve to choose our elected officials, not the other way around.

– Aaron

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